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  1. A piece of squared timber fitted fore-and-aft between the deck beams of a wooden ship to provide support for the deck planking.

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Carling is the name of a brand of lager in Canada, Australia, South Africa and United Kingdom.
Carling brands are currently owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company. In South Africa it is distributed by SABMiller.


In 1840 Thomas Carling began a small brewing operation in London, Ontario, Canada selling beer to soldiers at the local military camp. When he died, his sons William and John took over, naming it the W & J Carling Brewing Co. John Carling became a prominent figure in Canadian business and politics and was later knighted in 1893. Sir John Carling died in 1911 and the company has changed hands numerous times since.
Carling O'Keefe Breweries was bought by Carling Futvoye of Kansas City and later merged with Molson to form Molson Breweries Canada in 1989.
In 1999 Carling achieved sales of 1 billion pints in the UK, breaking the previous record and strengthening its position as the No.1 selling lager. In 2007 they sold 2.3 billion pints in the UK, over 6 billion in the world.


  • Carling, formerly known as Carling Black Label, is the best selling beer in the United Kingdom; alcohol content of 4.1%
  • Carling Black Label Ice, commonly referred to as just simply "Black Ice", is a strong, low-priced ice beer sold in Canada with an alcohol content of 5.5%; sold as Molson Ice in the United States using a variation of the Black Label Ice label & logo.
  • Carling Lager is a no-preservatives lager sold in Canada; not to be confused with Carling (Black Label)
  • Carling Ice is an ice brewed product from the Carling line
  • Carling Light is a lighter variation of Carling Lager
  • Carling Premier is a strong cream-flow premium lager with an alcohol content of 4.7%, introduced to celebrate Carling's sponsorship of the FA Premier League in 1992. In cans it is sold with a nitrogen widget, similar to those used in some canned ales. Unlike most lagers, Premier needs time to settle.
  • Carling Extra Cold is a colder version chilled to 2°C, was launched in 2002, and is available in British pubs.
  • C2 is the low-alcohol version of Carling, with a 2% volume. It has been tagged, "The swift-one-at-lunch pint."
  • Carling Black Label Supreme is an inexpensive, powerful 8% brew.
  • Carling Black Label Big 10 is also inexpensive, yet an even stronger beer with a 10% alcohol content.

Black Label

Black Label is a brand of beer well known throughout the former British Empire, where it is best known for its slogan "Hey Mabel, Black Label!". The most famous slogan for this product was, "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label!" In several countries it is also known as Carling Black Label. However, in the UK it is now known as just 'Carling' - they dropped the 'Black Label' in 2000 in response to public demands for a snappier call at the bar (according to the company).

Other brand history

WCRS also created hugely successful television and cinema adverts for Carling Premier. Carling Premier adverts were renowned for their unusual cinematography and stylish soundtracks. Cult film director Wim Wenders shot one commercial in Iceland, starring actor James Buller and actress Rebecca Godwin showing Buller riding a bicycle on a highwire over a waterfall. This advertising campaign alone cost in excess of 1 million GBP. All Carling Premier adverts were large budget and designed to promote the premium nature of the brand.
Carling is currently the main sponsor of Celtic F.C and Rangers F.C in an attempt to make the brand more popular in Scotland. Scotland is the only region in the UK where Carling is not the top selling Lager currently outsold by Tennent's Lager. They are also the main title sponsor of the Football League Cup, and were former sponsors of the Premier League.
Carling is also a major sponsor of live music in the UK, sponsoring the Academy Music Group venues (including Brixton Academy).
Carling were the first sponsors of the English Premier League. They began their sponsorship in 1993, one year after the league's creation, and continued until 2001 when they ended their backing and were replaced by Barclaycard.
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